About Us

History:  Interscapes Inc. was established in 1987 by Ron Lyrek to manufacture custom architectural woodwork for new and existing building throughout the Midwest. With a focus on Tenant improvement build outs and medical clinics.


Interscapes Inc. Environmental Stewardship Mission statement
Your Green building partner for a Healthy lifestyle.

Our Environmental mission is “to leave a better world for the people that come behind us.”


Composite Panels made from 100% recycled and / or recovered fibers [No Whole log fibers]
Low VOC stains and finishes
We use 3M Green Guard certified adhesives along with water based Adhesives.
Sky Blend and other recycled Panel products.

LEED points that we contribute to.
EQ 4.1 3M Green Guard Low VOC contact cement and adhesives.
EQ 4.2 Low VOC paints and coatings
EQ 4.4 No added Urea Formaldehyde Materials.
ME 4.1 for recycled Content.

Recycling Program

Our Wood, paper and cardboard waste is shredded and is used for animal bedding then composted for local nurseries.
This has helped us reduce our land filling from 130 cubic yards a month to 1.78 cubic yards per month.

Recycling of all Office Paper, Plastic, glass bottles,
Pallets reuse and or use for energy production
Metal and aluminum all to be recycled
Useable wood, plastic laminate and SSM fall to be donated to local Schools.
All waste products to be recycled.

Complete and full truck shipments is our goal.
Blanket wrapped and or recycled cardboard packaging materials.
Bio diesel used when possible


Contact cement Green guard certified & Water based
Wood glues, stains ad finishes Low VOC
Hot melt glue Low VOC
All cleaning supplies Low VOC earth friendly.
Urea formaldehyde levels that exceed CPA/EPP requirements.

Supply Chain Management

To educate our suppliers of our goals and expectation in good stewardship best practices.
Prioritize like-minded vendors in purchases.
Minimize and consolidate deliveries.
Educate suppliers as to our packaging requirements [recycle materials blanket wrapped]
Prioritize closest suppliers.

Our Foot Print

2.3 Times smaller than the national AWI average
Due to our Lean manufacturing practices we have the following
Sales per square ft 281.5 AWI average
Sq ft per employee 451 sq ft AWI nation average
Significant energy conservation due to smaller foot print. Less space to heat, cool, light and maintain.

Energy Practices

Shared compressed air use with our building neighbor.
Shared Vacuum pump for two CNC routers.
High speed automatic edge bander 66 FTPM one machine vs two.
High efficiency florescent lighting.
Energy efficient Radiant heating.
Variable frequency drives on future equipment purchases.

Community Relations

We give back to our community 10% of our profits to Organizations such as. Shangili Orphanage Kenya, Africa. Timber Bay. , Shamineau Int. youth ministries, local technical colleges and High Schools, Habitat for Humanity and local church’s.

End of Life Cycle

Due to our large grinding capacity we are able to Recycle about 99% of our product by turning it into animal bedding and by recycling the metal components.

Looking Forward to the Future

We commit to looking for new ways to be a Better Stewarts of all the natural resources that we have been entrusted to.