Waste Not Want Not

October 2008
Interscapes is lessening its impact on the environment by recycling 99% of the waste it produces. We are saving 1820 cubic yards of waste per year from ending up in landfills. Instead, it is now being shredded and ground up for use as animal bedding. We also have the capacity to recycle all of the cabinets we build when their life cycle ends.

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The Best of Manufacturing

November 2008
From innovations in green technology and robotics to lean at its finest, Minnesota is filled with manufacturing superstars. We’ve gathered 13 of the top companies, concepts and cutting-edge innovations in a list we’re calling “The Best of Manufacturing.” Read on to meet the comeback kid of the year, a green pioneer, a leader in economic development and many more who are shining bright on Minnesota’s manufacturing scene.

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When Being Green Isn't About Being "Green"

September/October 2008
Interscapes Inc. President Ron Lyrek went to a woodworking trade show in 2007 - 20 years after Interscapes was founded. He learned that being green could result in higher profits by saving costs on energy, fuel and trash pickup. Suddenly, it made sense. The possibilities were endless.

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