In 1987, Ron Lyrek started Interscapes to produce custom cabinets for commercial and residential accounts. The company began by making residential kitchen cabinets and commercial cabinets for Metropolitan Medical Center. Ron and a part-time employee worked out of a 400 square foot shop located at 616 10th Ave in Minneapolis. 

In December 1990, the shop was moved to the lower level of the old Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis. By 1992 additional machines were purchased and shop space increased to approximately 1,200 square feet, then quickly increased to 1,800 square feet by 1993.

Despite additional employees, machines and shop space, Interscapes’ cutting department couldn’t keep up with demand. In 1993, Ron decided to have the cutting done by the N.P.O. Company in Hudson, Wisconsin, allowing for additional growth.

By early 1995, the company had outgrown the 2,500 square foot shop and in September 1995, Interscapes moved into a 9,500 square foot shop at 26th and Washington Ave. N in Minneapolis, making room for increases in staff, machines and sales.

Interscapes connected with St. Paul College to start the Toyota Production System changeover in 2001. Sales approached $2 million and once again the company outgrew its shop space. After implementing a Lean production system and making other significant operational changes, Interscapes grew to $5 million in sales and was able to stay in the same 9,500 square foot shop. 

In 2008 Interscapes was ranked as one of the 50 fastest growing cabinet shops in America. But when the stock market crash later that year ushered in the Great Recession, construction in the Twin Cities virtually halted and Interscapes’ sales dropped from $5 million to $3.2 million. The company was forced to layoff employees for the first time.

Beginning in 2009, the company’s machinery loans were paid and Interscapes was debt-free. But to remain competitive and bring in as much work as possible, prices were reduced to 1994 levels, yet sales were unsteady. Ron’s goal for the company was to simply survive.

In April 2015 Interscapes relocated the shop to 6660 Shingle Creek Pkwy in Brooklyn Center. After purchasing the building, a comprehensive build-out was completed to meet production needs. 

In 2017 – 10 years after the start of the Great Recession – sales grew an astounding 25 percent. Thanks to a highly active construction industry in the Twin Cities, business was excellent, wages were improving, and the company’s 401K was reestablished.  

In March 2018, Interscapes added 6,400 square feet to the shop, bringing the total footprint to 24,600 square feet and a new shop layout was implemented to make room for new, high-tech equipment. And 2019 brings about more changes with the redesign of the office space.

All of these recent changes are paving the way for the future and Interscapes should easily meet its $10 million sales goal.


We produce wood and plastic laminate cabinets, reception desks, wall panels & solid surface Corian tops. We also finish and install all of our own work with our own work forces.

We are known throughout the Twin Cities as being able to produce and install very high quality cabinets within very tight time frames.

We have a staff of 2 ea estimators, 6 ea project managers / engineers, 4 ea installers, 20 ea craftsmen, 4 ea combination accounting / office workers.


Composite Panels made from 100% recycled and / or recovered fibers [No Whole log fibers]
Low VOC stains and finishes
We use 3M Green Guard certified adhesives along with water based Adhesives.
Sky Blend and other recycled Panel products.

LEED points that we contribute to.
EQ 4.1 3M Green Guard Low VOC contact cement and adhesives.
EQ 4.2 Low VOC paints and coatings
EQ 4.4 No added Urea Formaldehyde Materials.
ME 4.1 for recycled Content.

Recycling Program

Our Wood, paper and cardboard waste is shredded and is used for animal bedding then composted for local nurseries.
This has helped us reduce our land filling from 130 cubic yards a month to 1.78 cubic yards per month.

Recycling of all Office Paper, Plastic, glass bottles
Pallets reuse and or use for energy production
Metal and aluminum all to be recycled
Useable wood, plastic laminate and SSM fall to be donated to local Schools.
All waste products to be recycled.

“As always, you guys did a great job! I thoroughly enjoy working with you and all of your employees! You consistently make my job, and my superintendent’s job easier because we know we can rely on you to complete your work to the highest standards! I hope we have an opportunity to work together again soon! Thank you!”

— Cassie Johnson, Welsh Co —